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Ms S's Body_Love Session

Hear how the beautiful S felt about her boudoir experience:

What made you book a boudoir session? I wanted to build confidence! Being able to see myself in a different way helps me to love myself more.

How did you feel coming into the studio? Were you nervous? If so, why? What was your biggest fear? I was excited and slightly nervous. I wasn't sure how I would look through the lens or how well I would listen to direction… Especially with my facial expressions.

How did you feel during your session, what was going through your mind? I was totally relaxed and felt really comfortable!

How did you feel when you left the studio after your session? I left, knowing that we captured some beautiful images. I felt beautiful!

How did you feel when you saw your final images? In awe of myself! She really captured me in a different way of how I see myself. It was so hard to choose!

What would you say to other women who are hesitating to do this for whatever reason? Would you recommend this experience? Come in with an open mind! Have fun, and just be yourself. You will not regret this. The final images were totally worth it!

Check out a few of her stunning images!


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